Robert Picardo - Holographic Doctor

The natural born King of Convention offered perfect entertainment. He started both of his performances with his holodocīs suffering "What is my name?" and answered the questions of the audience really ready-witted.

picardo1.jpg (694x554, 102K)

Robert signing autographs.

picardo2.jpg (488x692, 78K)

Robert waiting for instructions.

picardo3.jpg (384x642, 40K)

Robert with a radiant look.

Wil Wheaton - Wesley Crusher

Wil made many new friends at the convention. He was much more likable than his character Wesley (what isnīt very difficult) and pointed out, that he would be available for further Star Trek productions. Besides: He knows the newsgroup alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die but doesnīt care about it.

wheaton1.jpg (468x957, 73K)

Wil answering questions on stage.

Ethan Phillips and Jennifer Lien
- Neelix and Kes

Jennifer surprisedly entered during Ethanīs panel. She is really hot, which caused some fans to entitle her a warp 9.9 babe. Probably she hadnīt attended many conventions so far and seemed to be quite nervous.
Besides their baldness Ethan Phillips and Robert Picardo could be identical twins, which was put out during a double performance. Ethan gave away the secret of his costume having a hidden pocket to put his teeth in.

Quality ranging:
Little hazy shot, worth beeing seen anyway.
Quite good shot, donīt miss it!