William Shatner - Captain James T. Kirk

Bill was seasoned and got down to business. He knew exactly how to handle the audience. Thus he versedly narrated a couple of more or less funny stories ("Leonard Nimoy´s bicycle", "The death of De Forest Kelly´s doggy") and cleared up: "Once and for all, I don´t have problems with my colleagues!" Later he tattled that the way he acted Kirk´s decease in ST:Generations was inspired by the death of his dodges.

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Bill bringing down the house.

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Bill in his element.

James Doohan, George Takei and Walter Koenig
- Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov

James Doohan performed a Scottish melody that was even understood by some Scotsmen. Did you know that the Klingon language originally founds upon an idea of James Doohan?
George Takei just arrived from the shooting of a Voyager episode that features Janeway and her rascals on board the USS Excelsior. He seemed enarmoured of himself in the role of a captain. His favourite Star Trek scene was the beginning of ST VI:The Undiscovered Country when he delightfully sips a cup of tea.
Walter Koenig stuck to the facts: A come-back of the Next Generation series is impossible due to the raising saleries of the cast. There was also the possibility of him returning as Dr. Bester in Babylon 5, he mentioned. (Walter, where did you buy this jumper?)

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The three of them together on stage.

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James Doohan leaving the Royal Albert Hall.

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